Baseboards and Crown Molding

I would say to carry Latex Caulking in your tool kit. Use it on baseboards and crown molding to give a clean professional look. Always use a wet finger when smoothing it out to give a clean line. If you use a latex caulking you are able to paint right over it.

Kitchen Cupboards

An inexpensive way to give your kitchen cupboards a face lift, use melamine paint. A little light sanding to slightly scratch the surface. Paint with melamine pand and add new hardware.

Your kitchen looks fresh and updated. The result high impact, low cost.

Small Holes in Walls

To fix small holes in walls, use part (same as wall color) by dipping in a q-tip or small tip paint brush and slap into the hole(use a good amount of paint on the q-tip or small brush), wipe gently with a Kleenex.

Prepping Walls

When prepping walls for painting use painter latex caulking for fine cracks of gaps in baseboards. Use your finger to smooth out and a damp cloth to smooth out excess.  Use a credit card to edge in fine corners or seams.  Let dry and paint as usual.

Removing Wallpaper

To help ease the process of removing wallpaper, mix fabric softener and water in a spray bottle, and spray away. Scrape with a putty knife, but be careful not to gauge the walls or you will be doing patchwork afterwards:-) Wallpaper comes off with ease when it has been adhered to painted walls, but look out for wallpaper that has been stuck on to unpainted drywall…