Send a mass email out to all your friends asking for referrals for handyman, cleaners, movers etc.


Hold local chapters for CSP’S to learn from each other and create a strong network.

Don’t assume they know

Really listen to what they expect you to do for them – Don’t assume they know. Some expectations can be high and if not filled they will be disappointed and dissatisfied. I would suggest a contract made up standard to yourself and have the client sign as well as yourself. This way there is no miscommunication. Everyone will know where they stand. If a budget is involved once again get it in writing and signed by both partied, When I started my TV show I didn’t have a contract  only verbal and it cost me $6000.00- Yep!

A Quiet Place

I would highly recommend that you find a quiet place in your home to read your notes if possible. Stay over night so there is no distraction during your homework.